Lasting Powers of Attorney

Obtain a Mental Capacity Assessment for Lasting Power of Attorney and a Certificate

At OFH, we are experts in carrying out capacity assessments for lasting power of attorney. We offer carefully evaluated and considered assessments to ensure that each report covers the legal grounds.

A lasting power of attorney (LPA) is the legal authority given to one or more people you trust (your attorney(s)) to support you with making specific decisions or to make decisions on your behalf if you lose mental capacity at some point in the future to make the particular decisions yourself. When you give someone the authority to act as your attorney, you are referred to as the “donor”.

Lasting power of attorney can be for decisions regarding your property and financial affairs or your health and welfare. Authority for each decision needs to be given separately. For example, you can appoint a lasting power of attorney property and financial affairs to support you with decisions around your general finances or specific matters. It can become effective as soon as it is registered. This means you can be assisted by your attorney, even if you haven’t lost your mental capacity but, you are in agreement for your lasting power of attorney to act on your behalf when you can still make decisions about your property and financial affairs.

Similarly, a health and welfare power of attorney can be appointed to support you with making decisions about receiving care, where you live or receiving medical treatment.

Every application for lasting power of attorney (LPA) has to have a person to confirm that the person making the LPA (the donor) understands the decision to appoint an attorney and that they have not been placed under duress to do so. This is known as LPA certificate provider. Our expertise at OFH is such that, we carry out the power of attorney mental capacity assessment, and we act as the certificate provider.

Each power of attorney mental capacity assessment conducted by us is thorough, detailing the outcome of the mental capacity assessment, how the outcome was reached, and the person’s views and wishes.

Our capacity assessments are completed both professionally and efficiently. Whether you need a COP3 capacity assessment for property and financial affairs or a capacity assessment for lasting power of attorney, we offer services that make the process stress free for you, your relative or your clients, while providing a report that is thorough and meets the legal requirements. The capacity assessments conducted at OFH are completed by professionals who have over the years assessed clients of varying complexities and dealt with a range of cases. All our assessors are highly qualified and experienced within the health and social care sectors. They include social workers, psychiatrists, and psychologists with expertise in working with children and adults. Our assessors always explain the assessment process and provide information in a manner that is suitable to the client’s presenting needs and their level of understanding/communication.

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