Social Care and Placement Reviews

OFH can provide reviews of both placements and community care provisions. The aim of undertaking such reviews is to identify whether the care provision is adequately meeting the persons’ needs and establishing any adjustments that need to be made.

​OFH can take referrals directly from Local Authorities, the NHS, private Health & Social Care providers, service users or their relatives.

Best Interest Assessments (DoLS)

When a person is admitted into hospital or to a care home and is subject to restrictions there, an assessment needs to be carried out to establish whether these restrictions are in the persons best interest and proportionate to any risk they may encounter if such restrictions were not in place.

Best Interest Assessments can be beneficial in identifying less restrictive means of managing a persons care.

Social Care Assessments

OFH can offer Social Care Assessments to establish a person’s needs, how best these needs can be met and identify other health and social care professionals where needed