Case Manager and Mental Capacity Assessor


  • MA Social Work
  • Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP)
  • Best Interest Assessor

Leon is a Case Manager and Mental Capacity Assessor, with over 16 years of experience. Leon is skilled in managing complex needs and working with children and adults. He has a proven track record of grasping the specific needs of his clients and making provisions to meet the identified needs. He works in collaboration with clients and their families, solicitors, therapists and other professionals working to support his clients. He is experienced in formulating actionable strategies to meet therapy goals and promote the well-being of his clients.

Leon’s ability to listen to clients, their families, and other carers sets him apart. He works hard to promote the quality of life and independence for his clients. Leon provides the best care and support to children and adults who he is instructed to work with. His competence, empathy, and dedication make him a valued case manager and mental capacity assessor.

Leon’s training and experience as an Approved Mental Health Professional equip him with the skills to carry out complex assessments. Leon understands the complexities of decision-making and the frameworks that guide the assessment of capacity. He understands the needs of people with impaired cognition and those with communication difficulties.

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