Why OFH?

What makes us different?

  • Specialist Knowledge in Health and Social Care.
  • Specialist knowledge in Mental Capacity.
  • Highly experienced practitioners.
  • Network of Assessors Nationwide.
  • Network of Psychiatrists and Psychologists with specialist knowledge.
  • Experienced in working with different client groups.
  • Able to deal with complex clients, with varying levels of communication
  • Ability to use communications aids where needed to support thorough assessments.
  • Fixed fees and competitive prices make our services better value for money.
  • Professional and first-class assessment services.
  • Reliable assessment services.
  • Fast Turnaround of reports.
  • We are driven by a passion for what we do.
  • Client centered assessments with a focus on achieving the best outcomes for the people we work with.

Our story.

Established in 2011, OFH specialises in providing a range of Mental Capacity and Social Care Assessments. Our aim is to ensure that our clients receive services that are tailored to their needs.

Our practitioners are all registered health professionals such as Social Workers, Psychiatrists and Psychologists with years of experience within the health and Social Care sector. We have experience of working with children, adults and older people with varying needs. Our practitioners have worked within the NHS and numerous Local Authorities, as well as in Private Practice.

Our director, Leon trained as an Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP) in 2010 and he is qualified as a Specialist Mental Capacity and Best Interest Assessor. He has expertise in Case Management, completing Testamentary Capacity assessments, Court of Protection (CoP3) forms, Capacity to litigate, Capacity to make decisions pertaining a person’s Health & Welfare and/or Property & Financial Affairs and Capacity to make a Lifetime Gift.

We have a network of assessors nationwide, including Psychiatrists and Psychologists which allows us to provide a complete service to our clients. Our assessors will travel to the client’s residence or preferred location.

As an organisation, we pride ourselves on providing client centered, efficient and professional assessments. We focus on giving first class service with each assessment we are instructed to complete.

Need more details?

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