INA (Initial Needs Assessment)


The assessment involves a discussion with the client and/or those who know the client well to look at how the client, their family and carers have been impacted by the client’s injuries, what the client’s goals are, and how the client and/or those close to the client wish to be supported. As part of the assessment, the Case Manager will also review medical and other reports, and where appropriate speak with other professionals about the client’s needs.

Following an assessment of need, the Case Manager will make recommendations to manage the identified needs and provide an estimate of costs to meet such needs. Such recommendations will go to as the legal team/deputy for approval. Once approved, the Case Manager will set out a realistic plan with the client and the deputy to ensure such needs are met. In setting out a plan, the Case Manager will look at what must be prioritized first; for example, if the client has serious health issues which must be addressed before any therapy can be effectively delivered, such treatment will be prioritized.

At OFH, we do not have a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Rather, we treat each client individually and we pay close attention to their specific needs and wishes. We actively involve our clients in their rehabilitation and care.

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